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West Windsor
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Parent of Dhanvi M.
"Kumon is the best place for startups. My daughter started at age 3 and we've seen a lot of development in the last two years. She is able to read, write, and do so many things which an average child can't do at the age of five."
Parent of Arun R. - 4th grade
"We chose the West Windsor Kumon center for our son as we found Kumon to be a well-structured enrichment program that allows kids to learn concepts at their own pace and without interfering with the school curriculum. The time-based testing program of Kumon has helped my son to perform well in the school and state-level exams."
Manan S. - 4th grade
"I selected Kumon so I can improve on my math skills. I have seen my math improve a lot. Teachers call on me to solve math problems in school."
Aparajita R. - 6th grade
"I enjoy Kumon because it moves at a faster rate than school and helps me learn quick, easy solutions for problems. Of all the centers I saw, this one was the cleanest, friendliest, and most organized one. When I joined Kumon in 2nd grade, I didn't know my facts. Last year some people still didn't know, and I felt proud that I learned it early."
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Emily A. - 7th grade
"I really like Kumon. My fourth grade teacher didn't teach me much math, so even in 5th grade, with a better teacher, I needed extra help - and that's when I joined Kumon. Right now, two years later, I am in pre-algebra, an advanced class, and solving problems faster than I thought I could!"
Ariel H. - 8th grade
"I picked Kumon because my parents thought it would improve my grades. After enrolling in Kumon West Windsor, I noticed an improvement in my work habits and academic performance."
Akshay S. - 8th grade
"I chose Kumon because I wasn't speaking or reading English properly after a three-year hiatus from America. I had forgotten the vernacular and sentence structure. Not only did Kumon help me learn English from the beginning, it helped me understand poetic literature and symbolism in classic texts. Kumon West Windsor helped me go beyond what everyone had once thought was my capacity."
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