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Kumon Math
Kumon Math begins with basic counting and culminates with college-level calculus. At Kumon, students are challenged to work individually and develop independent learning skills. New lessons are presented through examples in a step-by-step format so students can problem-solve on their own, thus developing a child's confidence when faced with new concepts. Students demonstrate full mastery of a subject by passing a test that evaluates their speed and accuracy. Through this systematic approach to learning, students have advanced as many as three grade levels within a year.
Kumon Reading
Kumon Reading uses a methodical approach to build a student's English abilities from the ground up. Starting at the basic level, Kumon focuses on phonics and penmanship to construct a strong foundation. Grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension are methodically introduced as students advance through the program. This center also boasts a library that corresponds to a child's individual reading level. Instructors work closely with the students to monitor their progress and develop their reading proficiency.
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